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Join us at the 3rd Annual Tokyo CDO Summit on December 3, 2019!

The Tokyo CDO Summit, the only C-suite digital leader convocation in Japan, will take place on Decem ...

What Happened in NYC? The 7th NYC CDO Summit Recap

2019/05/20   -NEWS
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Want to know what happened in New York on May 8, 2019? Take a look at our blog post below to see a r ...

Transform Your Company Into a Data-Driven Organization

2019/05/14   -NEWS
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Did you know that delaying initiatives to become a data-driven company has a direct impact on revenu ...

Don't Miss the Largest Annual Gathering of C-Suite Digital and Data Leaders

2019/05/07   -NEWS
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As usual, we have curated another fantastic line-up and agenda for you at the 7th annual NYC CDO Sum ...

The Secret Life Of Data Linda Avery to Keynote at the NYC CDO Summit on May 8

2019/05/04   -NEWS
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We're delighted to include a keynote by Linda Avery, Chief Data Officer at Federal Reserve Bank of N ...

Addressing The Changing Healthcare Market And Audience

2019/05/03   -NEWS
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We're excited to include a dynamic 3-part session on "Addressing the Changing Healthcare Market and ...

See Atif Rafiq at the NYC CDO Summit! Full Agenda Announced - See Below

2019/04/29   -NEWS
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The organizers of the 7th annual NYC CDO Summit are excited to announce that Atif Rafiq will be join ...

Fred Santarpia, Former Chief Digital Officer at Condé Nast, Named U.S. Chief Digital Officer of the Year 2018 by CDO Club U.S.

2019/04/25   -NEWS
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Fred Santarpia, Digital Transformation Expert and former Chief Digital Officer at Condé Nast, was re ...

Data Governance: Springboard for Digital Transformation; Wall Street Journal Quotes CDO Club

2019/04/23   -NEWS
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As our regular readers and CDO Summit delegates know, digital transformation efforts are more succes ...

WSJ quoted CDO Club & Using AI to turn Cultural Trends into Profits

2019/04/22   -NEWS
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The organizers of the upcoming NYC CDO Summit on May 8 at Columbia University are delighted to annou ...

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