Announcement: Welcomed Professor Kamioka as an advisor

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Press Release 12th December 2017
We are pleased to announce that CDO Club Japan welcomed Professor Taro Kamioka as an advisor.

Professor Kamioka is the first person who have recognized the importance of Chief Digital Officer and Data Officer. He commented about the existence of CDO at the conference in Asia in before the first CDO was appointed. Also, he made an opportunity to found CDO Club Japan since he introduced Jun Kamo, Founder and CEO of CDO Club Japan- to David Mathison, Founder and CEO of CDO Club Global.

We decided we welcome him as an advisor because of his abundant experience and knowledge.

Profile - Dr. Taro Kamioka

Professor, The Graduate School of Hitotsubashi University Doctor of Engineering. Studying how companies are able to make marketing, digitalization and information system work and use them for corporate competitiveness and structural shift. Having an interest in a role of CDO (Chief Digital/Data Officer).







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