Chief Digital Officer JOBS Update for March 2020: A Record Ten (10) CDOs Became CEO/Director in March; A Record (13) CDOs Joined Public Boards in Q1 2020


Welcome back to our Chief Digital Officer JOBS Update, through March 2020.

Despite (or maybe because of) these turbulent times, March 2020 was yet another exceptional month for Chief Digital Officers. For a quick recap to date:

  • January Chief Digital Officer JOBS Update: Hiring in this normally slow month was RED HOT, with new CDO hires announced at Bayer, Chubb, Cognizant, McDonalds, Microsoft, Panera Bread, and Sainsbury’s, among others.][
  • February CDO Jobs Update: Last month set a new record for the number of CDOs who made the transition to CEO and/or Board Director with NINE in one month.

Our current March 2020 CDO JOBS Update broke February’s record, with TEN CDOs who moved to CEO and/or Board Director roles, including:

  • Charlie Cole: CEO at FTD. Former Chief Digital Officer at Tumi/Samsonite.
  • Jacqueline Wright: Board Director at nVent Electric plc (NYSE:NVT). Currently Chief Digital Officer at Microsoft U.S.
  • James Kuffner: Board Director at Toyota. Currently CEO and CDO at Toyota Automated Driving and Robotics.
  • Sheila Jordan: Board Director at Slack (NYSE: WORK). Currently Chief Digital Technology Officer at Honeywell.
  • Naureen Hassan: Board Director at OneSpan™ Inc. (NASDAQ: OSPN). Currently Chief Digital Officer at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.
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Yet another record was broken this month, with THIRTEEN CDOs joining publicly traded company boards in just the first three months of 2020.

That’s more than twice the number from all of 2019, when six CDOs joined Boards.

FEMALES represented the majority NINE of this month’s thirteen new board appointments.

See our CDO Hall of Fame page for details

These moves demonstrate the strategic importance of CDOs on Boards and as CEOs.

Especially during times of crisis.

Today, it is critically important for companies to have executives who are experienced in digital transformation, building new businesses, products, and services, and cutting costs through frictionless online transactions and increased operational efficiencies.

Publicly traded companies are staffing their boards with cross-industry digital leaders to fill knowledge and experience gaps, overcome internal biases, weaknesses, and blind spots, review the competitive landscape, business direction, and strategy, and to ensure that management identifies, manages, and mitigates risk.

The survival of every organization today is at serious risk. The smart ones are taking protective and proactive measures now, fully leveraging the skill sets of C-suite leaders in digital, data, analytics, security, and privacy.

Bottom line: This is the best time in history for CDOs to get that CEO and/or Board Director role.

If you are interested in help in getting
a board slot with a publicly traded company, send an email.

In this issue, we list TEN more CDOs who became President/CEO or a Board Member in March. Check out all the new CDOs who became CEOs and Board Members on our Hall of Fame page. We also tracked 62 CDO ARTICLES; and hand-picked TWENTY-SIX CDOs who made the news last month; and we posted more new open global CDO positions on our CDO Career page!

  • New Chief Digital Officer placements (through March 2020): SIX new CDOs were hired in March, we provide the highlights below. Congratulations to the new Chief Digital Officers at Carat USA; Heineken; Hospitals NHS Trust; and Schneider, among many others. Welcome to the CDO Club!
  • Chief Digital Officers to CEO or Board Member: This month there were TEN Chief Digital Officers who became President/CEO or Board Members, including Adriana Karaboutis; Charlie Cole; Jacky Wright; Lola Cardoso; Naureen Hassan; Sameer Deen; and Sheila Jordan!

Check out the report we published with Bain Capital in 2018 on “101 CDOs Who Have Become CEO/President” and our CDO to CEO/NED Hall of Fame page.

  • Chief Digital Officers ‘In the News’: Consider us your personal CDO “news clippings” service. We tracked 62 CDO ARTICLES and hand-picked TWENTY-SIX CDOs who made the news in March, including IKEA Group’s Barbara Martin Coppola; Leeds City Council’s Dylan Roberts; London’s Theo Blackwell; Merriam-Webster’s Lisa Schneider; NASCAR’s Tim Clark; Pakistan’s Tania Aidrus; and The Dow Chemical Company’s Melanie Kalmar! How did they make news? Find out inside.
  • Open Chief Digital Officer Jobs: Our career page lists over two dozen current CDO/CAO jobs. You’ll find open posts for Chief Digital Officers, Chief Data Officers, Chief Analytics Officers, and other C-level positions. Be sure to review the open posts on our dedicated career page.

You’ll find the details on all this and much more inside.


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