Chief DATA Officer JOBS Update for July 2019

投稿日:2019-09-04 更新日:

Welcome back to our Chief Data Officer JOBS Update, through July 2019.

In this month’s issue, we listed 8 new Chief DATA Officer appointments for July; we tracked over 42 articles and hand-picked TWENTY-FOUR CDOs who made the news last month; and be sure to check out all the new open CDO positions on our CDO Career page.

Clearly, these are exciting times to be a leader in building a data-driven culture!

  • New Chief Data Officer placements (through July 2019): Congratulations to the new Chief Data Officers at Atrium Health; Dun & Bradstreet; HMS; Palmetto; and UC Health, among others. Welcome to the CDO Club!
  • Chief Data Officers ‘In the News’: We tracked over 42 ARTICLES and hand-picked more than TWENTY-FOUR Chief Data Officers who made news in July, including Azur Underwriting Ltd’s Lara Korz; BlackBuck’s Deepak Warrier, PhD; DBS Bank’s Paul Cobban; ERT’s Dr. Prakriteswar Santikary; General Motors’ A Charles Thomas, PhD; Hearts & Science’s Megan Pagliuca; and San Diego Supercomputer Center’s Ilkay Altintas, Ph.D., among others. How did they make the news? Find out inside.
  • Open Chief Data Officer Jobs: Inside, you’ll find open posts for Chief Digital Officers, Chief Data Officers, and other C-level digital and data positions. Be sure to review the open posts on our dedicated career page.

You’ll find the details on all this and much more inside.


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