Chief DATA Officer JOBS Update for December 2018


Welcome Back To Our Chief Data Officer Jobs Update Through December 2018
Below are just four of the 31 articles on Chief Data Officers that we tracked in December 2018.

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Melvin Greer: December 10, 2018. The Chief Data Scientist at Intel Corporation was named “Artificial Intelligence Executive of the Year” at the Washington Exec Pinnacle Awards which honors influencers in government contracting. In February 2012, Greer received the Black Engineer Technologist of the Year Award, which recognized his outstanding technical contributions to cloud computing and service-oriented architecture. Learn more


Helen Hunter: December 13, 2018
Chief Data Officer at Sainsbury’s
“Part of the benefit of working in this agile way is we deliver small incremental value very often rather than waiting for these enormous silver bullets that are going to change the world,” Hunter explained to Marketing Week.
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Peter Serenita: December 26, 2018
U.S. Chief Data Officer for Scotiabank
“The data profession is very collaborative. Organizations can learn from one another. Data executives can benefit from the experiences of others who have been in the data trenches. But the 4.0 data executive also brings a new way of thinking that will further advance the data practice”. Learn more


Ian Oppermann: December 10, 2018
Chief Data Scientist and CEO NSW Data Analytics Centre at NSW
“A lot of people have been looking at the Five Safes, but it’s currently a conceptual model. If you have a safe person working on safe project with a safe platform with safe data to produce safe outputs, then everything is great,”
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Read more on the blog post about Melvin, Helen, Peter, Ian, and the EIGHTEEN other CDOs who made the news in December 2018, including ANZ's Emma Gray; Dun & Bradstreet's Anthony Scriffignano; Financial Times's Tom Betts; International Institute for Analytics' Bill Franks; Ithaca College's Yuko Mulugetta; Maritz Motivation Solutions' Jesse Wolfersberger; and SwitchPoint Ventures' Damian R. Mingle.

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Looking for your dream job? You've come to the right place. We recently added 14 new Chief Data Officer jobs to our Career page, and 14 for Chief Digital Officers, for a total of TWENTY-EIGHT open CDO postings.

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