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It has been an exciting Q4 for CDO Club members and partners around the world.

Digital transformation and data-driven culture continues to sweep the planet, with CDOs leading the way in driving these strategic initiatives at some of the world's most prestigious organizations.

Here at the CDO Club, we are committed to showcasing the world's best CDOs at our global summits, and featuring them in this newsletter and on our website/blog.

On November 13, we held our 3rd annual CDO Summit in Tel Aviv, thanks to the hard work of CDO Club IL founder Amit Kama. More than 500 delegates packed the gorgeous venue, with sponsors including Applause, Dell EMC, Microsoft, Microstrategy, Oracle, Pulseem, Salesforce, and more participating.

Next week, on December 5, 2018, we'll hold our 4th annual CDO Summit in Tokyo, thanks to CDO Club Japan founder Jun Kamo and Chief Global Officer Seri Nabeshima.

The following week, on December 12, 2018, we will hold our inaugural bay area CDO Summit in San Francisco.

Global speakers in SF include Seri Nabeshima, who will keynote on "The State of Digital Transformation in Japan." Nabeshima-san will also announce our upcoming D20 Summit (Global Digital 20 Summit) featuring top CDOs from across the globe, to coincide with the 2019 G20 Osaka summit, the 14th meeting of Group of Twenty, on 28–29 June 2019 in Osaka. It will be the first-ever G20 summit to be hosted in Japan.

Our SF CDO Summit will also feature another guest speaker from Japan, Makoto Kakizaki, Director of Digital Strategy Office at Sansan. Kakizaki-san spoke at our London 2018 and NYC 2018 Summits.

Makoto-san will talk about the legacy common to Japanese organizations that continued from the Edo (Samurai) period, and will explain the process in which most Japanese analog companies are becoming obsolete. This session is designed to help the audience understand the success strategies of digital companies.

The SF CDO Summit will feature keynotes and panelists that will change the way you think about digital transformation and data-driven culture.

Listen to leaders from around the globe and from different industries as they reveal the challenges they face and the ways in which they solved them.

Learn from your peers and network with knowledgeable executives at the SF CDO Summit on December 12, 2018. Don't miss this opportunity, register today!


Featured San Francisco Speakers:

Other San Francisco speakers include:

  • Alex Baxter: President & CEO at OmniForce LLC
  • Ben Saren: CEO of Dropsource
  • Carrie Bishop: Chief Digital Services Officer of the City and County of San Francisco
  • David Mathison: Curator, CDO Summit & Founder, CDO Club
  • Hope Frank: Partner, Global Experience Officer, Futurist at Mercer
  • Kevin Conroy:Former President, Digital and New Platforms at MGM
  • Khosrow Hassibi: Chief Data Scientist at R Systems Inc.
  • Makoto Kakizaki: Director of Digital Strategy Office at Sansan
  • Marty Boos: Chief Information Officer at StubHub
  • Matt Belkin: President and Board Director at Big Squid, Inc.
  • Mike Vorhaus: President, Magid Advisors at Frank N. Magid Associates
  • Rikard Steiber: President at Viveport
  • Perkins Miller: General Manager, North America at StubHub
  • Seri Nabeshima: Chief Global Officer at CDO Club Japan
  • Simon Hankinson: Market Manager - Financial Services at Collibra
  • Slava Akmaev: SVP, Chief Analytics Officer at BERG
  • More coming soon...

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