Digital Transformation in the CMO Suite


'Digital Transformation' means many things to many people - especially across the C-Suite. Who is in charge of digital transformation at your organization? A CDO, the CEO, the COO, CIO, or CTO? Consultants?

At many marketing-driven organizations, and those that have a consumer-oriented, B2C (vs B2B) focus, digital transformation may be driven by the marketing team and led by the CMO.

Come see how digital transformation has changed the modern marketing playbook at the upcoming NYC CDO Summit on Weds May 30.

At 10:45am, we'll host a panel on "Digital Transformation in the CMO Suite," which will explore how global CMO’s are embracing and leading digital within their firms, and leveraging marketing, sales, and technical talent to migrate to e-commerce and customer connections.

Participants include:

  • Greg Paull (moderator): Co Founder and Principal of R3
  • Benjamin Jankowski: Senior Vice President, Global Media at MasterCard
  • Danielle Koffer: VP of Global Media at Colgate Palmolive
  • Michelle Froah: VP of Digital Transformation at Samsung Electronics America

Moderator Greg Paull is co-author of the recent book, "Global CMO: Best Practice in Marketing Effectiveness & Efficiency Around the World," and the co-founder of R3, a global marketing consulting firm with clients including Unilever, Samsung, Pfizer, Coca-Cola, Visa and Colgate-Palmolive, among others.

The panel will be followed by a keynote from Saskia Steinacker, VP and Global Lead for Digital Excellence at Bayer, on "Digital Transformation of a Life Sciences Company."

Be there to hear these presentations and more. We have a fantastic agenda planned!

See more of the NYC speakers below.

Hope to see you in NYC on May 30 (our 6th year), or at our inaugural San Francisco CDO Summit on June 27!

Featured New York City Speakers:



Former NY Congressman; Musician, songwriter, founder of Orleans, and author of

STILL THE ONE: A Rock'n'Roll Journey to Congress and Back


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2018: See You at a CDO Summit Near You!

  • Madrid, Spain: May 23, 2018, Digital Business World Congress
  • New York, NY: May 30, 2018 (our 6th year), presented by CDOGPS
  • San Francisco: June 27, 2018, presented by CDOGPS
  • Tel Aviv, Israel: September 2018 (our 3rd year, via CDO Club IL)
  • Sydney Australia: TBD Q4, 2018 (our 3rd year), presented by CDOGPS
  • MORE: We are also considering CDO Summits in Madrid, Singapore, Mumbai, and Berlin in the second half of 2018. Contact us for more information.


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