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Chief DIGITAL Officer JOBS Update for July 2019

2019/08/21   -NEWS

Welcome back to our Chief Digital Officer JOBS Update, through July 2019. In this issue, we list SIX ...

5th CDO Roundtable

2018/02/05   -CDO Roundtable

The 5th CDO Roundtable was held in the co-working office “The Garage” that is owned by Mitsubishi UF ...

3rd CDO Roundtable

2017/08/24   -CDO Roundtable

The 3rd CDO Roundtable was held in Tokyo on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 by CDO Club Japan.   This tim ...

2nd CDO Roundtable

2017/07/14   -CDO Roundtable

Today we, CDO Club Japan hold 2nd CDO Roundtable. David, CEO of CDO Club Global and participants fro ...

1st CDO Roundtable

2017/06/20   -CDO Roundtable

1st CDO Roundtable was over. Digital managers directly under the presidents from Shiseido, NIHON L'O ...

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